How to use The Urinator

The Urinator was designed to be simple to use. Start by reading the included manual and practice using the Urinator before taking it out of your home for use.

  1. Prepare your synthetic urine in a cup.
  2. Using the included syringe, extract 75 to 85 ml of synthetic urine from the cup into the syringe
  3. Open the cap on tube that attaches to the reservoir bag and inject the synthetic urine into the tube to fill the bag.
  4. Remove as much air from the bag as possible and screw cap back on the end of the tube.
  5. Attach two 9-volt batteries and fold fabric shut and secure the ends.
  6. The Urinator digital system will then control the temperature to make sure its at 98 degrees for up to four hours.

Your Urinator comes with...

  • 1 Urinator Device
  • 2 Temperature Test Strips
  • 1 Calibrated Filling Syringe
  • 1 Rapid Clear Clean Pee Samples
  • Operators Manual

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